Apartment / Condo Dwellers

Make more room for yourself, storing all those extra belongings you’ve collected along the way. Whether it’s a roomful or a housefull, we have the storage for your space.


For out-of-season equipment like boats and bikes, to lawn equipment your don´t need in the winter, take advantage of the space we have. Lock it, and keep the key. You can get what you want when you need it.

People on the Move

Relocating or between places, you may need somewhere to store your belongings. Whether you´re a student going home for the summer, a service person away on temporary assignment, or building a new home, we can provide you with safe, accessible, year round storage.

Outside Storage for Boats and RV’s

We offer outside parking spaces that are 12′ x 25’and 12′ x 40′ for storing your boat, trailer, recreational vehicle or automobile.